The completion of the hydrogen value chain: McPhy Energy and Electro Power Systems agree on an exclusive partnership

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McPhy Energy becomes the exclusive electrolysis stack provider for Electroself™, the first self-rechargeable full-green fuel cell solution developed by Electro Power Systems. – The World’s only self-recharging fuel cell system efficiently manages energy mismatch for always-on power anytime, anywhere.
McPhy Energy, a company specializing in hydrogen-based solutions for industrial and energy storage, and Electro Power Systems (EPS), a worldwide recognized innovator and market leader for hydrogen fuel cells in stationary and datacenter market, have recently agreed on an exclusive partnership. According to this agreement, McPhy Energy becomes the exclusive manufacturer of the new electrolysis stack developed by the tech company based in Italy and elected Worldwide Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. On the other hand, McPhy Energy will utilise worldwide the EPS technology to convert hydrogen stored in its storage solutions into electricity.

«EPS is pleased to integrate the McPhy hydrogen generation technology with our advanced fuel cell systems. This will complete the excellence of our logistic-free energy solutions, as we can now merge our fuel cell, electronics, and system integration competitive advantages with the manufacturing experience, innovation and know-how of McPhy» – Marco Congiatu (Head of Business Development of EPS).

EPS will benefit from McPhy worldwide recognized know-how on hydrogen generation and storage and also have access to the McPhy worldwide commercial channels. In this respect, this will allow to penetrate not only back-up application for Telecoms and Datacenters but also energy storage solutions in new markets for smart grids, off-grid communities or industrial infrastructures worldwide needing autonomous, logistic free and self-rechargeable clean energy solutions.

Carlalberto Guiglielminotti (CEO of EPS) adds «Our partnership with McPhy strengthens our long term strategy to focus exclusively on fuel cell technology and systems innovation, development and integration, and to have for the best manufacturing and business development strong and reliable partners. This is in line with our decision to carry-out such activities with our VP Energy partners in the US, and the partnership with McPhy will be a value added on a worldwide basis».

About McPhy Energy

McPhy Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen-based solutions, was founded at La Motte Fanjas (Drôme) in France in 2008.

The company draws on its exclusive technique for storing hydrogen in solid form and its years of experience in producing hydrogen through water electrolysis to design and manufacture flexible storage and production equipment.

McPhy Energy pushes forward the green hydrogen market to fit with the upcoming markets of energy and mobility promoting carbon free technologies. Using its experience of the industrial market, with the supply of more than 3,000 alkaline electrolyzers around the world (>7,000 Nm3/h in operation) over the last 30 years, McPhy Energy develops now, with a consolidated range of products going from small & medium

The group has been successfully rewarded over the last 2 years with several French and European projects (INGRID, GRHYD, PUSHY, H2BER,…).

The group has three production sites in France, Germany and Italy and an R&D laboratory in France. As a fast expanding company, McPhy Energy counts with several top-ranking companies (Sofinnova Partners, Bpifrance, Gimv, Amundi, Emertec, Areva) among its shareholders.