I am the Chief Innovation Officer

Co-founder of Electro Power Systems, since 2002 Ilaria published more than 50 scientific papers at industry conferences and within international journals focusing on the chemical processes involved in hydrogen technologies.

Ilaria Rosso

Work Experience

In 2011 Ilaria received the first ever EU Prize for Women Innovators from the European Commissioner for Research Innovation and Science. She now serves as Chief Innovation Officer, with responsibilities for the ideas and technology innovation development, leveraging the right incentives, and building/running an effective, transparent, and efficient innovation process together with the stakeholders and EU policymakers.


Ilaria holds a PhD in chemistry from University of Torino and is an expert in both fuel processing techniques and fuel cell technology.

Family & free time

Ilaria likes singing and skiing and loves spending all her free time with her husband and her three kids, Letizia, Filippo and Adele.