I am the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

Carlalberto is an entrepreneur focused mainly in the Hi-Tech, Energy and Digital sectors, with a strong expertise in growing-stage companies and challenging turnarounds.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti

Work Experience

Before joining Electro Power Systems to scale-up the Energy Storage and Microgrids megatrend, Carlalberto focused mainly in Hi-Tech and Digital, with a strong expertise in start-up, growing-stage companies and turnarounds. Carlalberto has been appointed Chief Executive Officer at the end of 2013, and released the first business plan of EPS addressing the energy markets in May 2014. In less than 18 months Carlalberto transformed a technology university spin-off into a real company, leading the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the company, listing it on the Paris stock exchange NYSE Euronext with a market capitalization of €55 million. Two years and a few months later, after the release of the results of the first nine months 2017, the market capitalization of EPS achieved more than €130 million. He has been Operating Partner at 360 Capital Partners, one of the largest Venture Capital firms in Europe, and co-founder of Blackshape Aircraft, now owned by Angelo Investments, an international holding specialized in space, aerospace, railway, electronics and biomedical businesses. He co-founded Restopolis, now TheFork, a TripAdvisor company and leading online restaurants reservation platform in Europe with almost 14 million monthly visit, and held board positions in various companies including Eataly Net and Musement.


He holds an MBA from the Bocconi School of Management, with merit in Financial Risk Management (2012), graduated in Paris with a JD cum laude from Université Paris V (2005), and holds a master degree cum laude and worthy of publication from the University of Turin (2006). He finally specialized in Israel at the University of Haifa (2005), New York at European School of Economics (2007) and London at Linklaters Law and Business School (2010).

Family & free time

He enjoys trail running, skiing and mountaineering. But his main passion is his family which he "co-founded" with his wife Claudia, with two recent additions to the team in 2015 and 2016: Tommaso and Edoardo!