Storage is the global challenge of the Energy Transition: a mega-trend

A centralized energy model designed in 1882

1882 electrical grid model

Intermittent renewables penetration

Electrical grid instability

Investments in grid safety and stabilization

2.4 billion people under-electrified

600GW diesel generators fleet

200mio tons CO2 per year

Renewables cheap but intermittent

Solar + storage cheaper than diesel fuel.


global investments in T&D
and energy storage by 2030

up to $635bn

annual economic impact of
energy storage in 2025


global investment in storage to
reduce diesel generation
by coupling renewables
(EPS Analysis)

In this mega-trend, we focus on profitable and unsubsidized business models

Grid Support

Where: Hybrid Storage Solutions are installed

Increased grid stability and safety

No need to run gas plant for grid services

Lower electricity bills in developed countries.

Off-Grid Power Generation

Where: Renewables + Hybrid Storage are installed

Reduced diesel fueled generation

Increased power quality and electricity access

Lower electricity bills in emerging economies.

We provide grid operators and renewable energy players with hybrid storage solutions to master the intermittency of renewables, and address the burgeoning demand for primary, secondary and tertiary reserve, reactive power and black-start capabilities, at a lower cost for consumers, cutting electricity bills.

We enable renewables as a reliable and affordable stand-alone power source in emerging markets, displacing diesel and oil-fired generation. We foster a bottom-up, decentralized model of greenfield electrification, providing clean energy 24/7 at cost lower than diesel generation, the only alternative in such areas.