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500kW cutting-edge congestion management

500kW Cutting-edge Congestion Management




Final user:
GasNatural Fenosa

Microgrid features

  • Storage:
    0.5MW/0.8MWh Li-ion titanate chemistry
  • Power Conversion System:
    0.5MW Full Virtual Inertia DROOP Control Technology
  • Master Controller:
    Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function
  • Smart MV Switchgear
  • Reduction:
    131 tons/year

Energy storage system lodged in two PowerHouse20. Each container can work individually or in master-slave mode with the other, either on on-grid or off-grid mode. With this system EPS has reproduced for the first time in a modular and scalable system for microgrid or islanded operations, the exact functioning of a national grid. In other terms, the energy storage system through the power conversion technology manages in full the frequency stabilization without any alternator, gas turbine or diesel generator.