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5.9 MW cutting-edge wind and solar microgrid

5.9 MW Cutting-edge Wind And Solar Microgrid

In operation


NECSOM (National Electric Corporation of Somalia)

Microgrid features

  • PV:
  • Wind:
  • Storage:
    1MW/1.8MWh ALA + Li-ion chemistry
  • DG:
  • Power Conversion System:
    1MW Full Virtual Inertia DROOP Control Technology
  • Master Controller:
    Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function
  • Connected Users:
    50,000+ people
  • Reduction:
    600 tons/year
  • Electricity Bill reduction:

5.9 MW cutting-edge wind and solar microgrid – The Hybrid Power Plant awarded by NECSOM (National Electric Corporation of Somalia) involves the engineering, supply and installation of a renewable and storage turnkey solution that allows the reduction of diesel consumption by more than 2,000 litres per day, and reduces the electricity bills by 17%. The Hybrid Power Plant serves a 3.5MW load, and is currently under extension with 750kW of wind energy, covering with renewables and storage more than 25% of the energy need of Garowe and then saving more than 1.1million liters of fuel.
Located in North-East of Somalia, the town is the administrative capital of the autonomous Puntland region and a fast-growing city, which has also evolved into a local media and cultural hub.