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1MWh with H2 Microgrid in the Atacama Desert

1MWh With H2 Microgrid In The Atacama Desert

FAT completed, commissioning planned



Microgrid features

  • PV:
  • Storage:
    0.2MW/1.1MWh Hydrogen + Li-ion titanate
  • DG:
    diesel free (backup only)
  • Power Conversion System:
    0.3MW Full Virtual Inertia DROOP Control Technology Full DC BUS System
  • Master Controller:
    Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function
  • Connected Users:
    600 people
  • Reduction:
    23 tons/year
  • Diesel reduction:

For the first time, this Hybrid Power Plant will combine renewables with the complete set of innovative technologies developed by the EPS Group. The project aims to implement a microgrid in Chile that will bring electricity to more than 300 technicians constructing a power plant in the Atacama Desert (4000m above sea level). The entire system has been engineered in a containerised, plug & play solution that provides stable power on demand with the same level reliability of the national electrical grid, using intermittent, renewable power sources coupled with storage. First hybrid mini-grid with hydrogen and Li-ion storage technology. Cheap electricity to remote communities, operating in islanded mode 24/7. Complete replacement of the existing fossil fuel-based generator.