Our Installations

1.5 MW capacity firming solar control

1.5 MW Capacity  Firming Solar Control




Final user:
Regione autonoma della Sardegna

Microgrid features

  • PV:
    1.2 MWp (CSP, CPV)
  • Storage:
    0.3MW/0.6MWh Sodium Nickel chemistry
  • Power Conversion System:
    0.3 MW Full Virtual Inertia DROOP Control Technology
  • Master Controller:
    Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function

EPS, in partnership with FZSoNick (FIAMM), realized for ENAS, the public entity managing the entire water supply of the region, a hybrid energy storage system connected to the Ottana Experimental Solar Farm (Sardinia, Italy). The project consists of a concentrated solar power (CSP) farm integrated with thermal storage with a capacity of 14 MWh and a concentrated photovoltaic plant (CPV). The microgrid, developed in collaboration with the University of Cagliari and Sardegna Ricerche, is aimed at the stabilization of the intermittent renewable sources.
The plant will be run by ENAS and will significantly contribute to the reduction of its annual energy demand.