ElectroSelf TM Just add water

ElectroSelfTM integrates Fuel Cell power system with an advanced hydrogen generator that re-establish the hydrogen reserve on site by using electricity and pure water.
ElectroSelfTM is conceptually identical to a battery: it stores energy, coming from renewable or grid, supplying it upon load’s demand, when the primary power source is not available or insufficient.
ElectroSelfTM is specifically designed for frequent blackouts or off-grid applications, granting high reliability and low maintenance costs by eliminating fuel logistics.
It basically has 3 working modes:
Hydrogen production: when the grid is available, ElectroSelf generates and stores hydrogen, converting the electricity from the grid and using the water generated during the power production mode;
Power production: when a blackout occurs, ElectroSelf generates power converting the stored hydrogen and by producing water;
Stand by: when the grid is available and the storage is full, the equipment simply stands-by.