An OFF-GRID Base Station Powered By Sun Wind, and Water

S. Bian, X. Wang, M. Congiatu

Intelec 2013, Hamburg, Germany // 13 - 17 October 2013

With the fast deployment of mobile network the energy consumption is increasing at the same time. The Radio Access Network may occupy more than 60% total energy consumption of a mobile operator. How to improve the energy efficiency of the Base Stations is vital important. The renewable energy is now widely used to power the Base Stations and usually the Lead Acid Batteries are used to be the energy storage. In this paper a new hybrid pure renewable energy system for BTS is introduced. The Site is powered only by the Sun Wind, and Water. The most innovative technology is that a water electrolyzer and PEM hydrogen fuel cell is integrated together with solar panel and wind turbine as the energy storage system replacing the legacy lead acid batteries. This made the BTS can work totally off-grid and zero carbon emission.

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