Energy transition technology roadmap. Distinguishing hype from reality – 2020 strategic technological plan and business targets

Daniele Rosati, Pietro Raboni, Carlalberto Guglielminotti

White paper // 23 may 2017

Climate change and global warming in particular may be a controversial scientific theory, particularly in the US, but its growing impact on business is undeniable. The energy generation landscape, to begin with, is being disrupted by the growth of renewables; transport is witnessing the affirmation of the electric car, in its pure form or as a hybrid, and, most pervasive of all, the search for energy efficiency is creating new businesses – think for example smart metering or behind-the-meter distributed generation – and is modifying existing ones in a variety of ways. Our vision of the macrotrends shaping the energy transition is consistent with the narrative of Bloomberg New Energy Finance's New Energy Outlook, to which we make extensive reference in this overview.

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The Kyoto Protocol and role of the European Union: regulation between tradable-pollution-rights and market policies

Carlalberto Guglielminotti - Prof. Salvadori

European Law and Policy Review, Giappichelli // 1 September 2007

Climate change is arguably one of the greatest challenges to the international community. The paper analyzes the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change within the context of the international policies as well as the more powerful measures adopted with the Kyoto Protocol in order to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. The paper focuses on the market-based instruments for the achievement of reduction objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol and as well as all related aspects of structured finance.

An unwritten history: liability of the Palestinian State towards the International Community

C. Guglielminotti - D. Santus - A. Meir - Fred A. Lazin - I. Schnell - S. Tallia - G. Cusimano - D. Newman - A. Baskind - M. Hopp - M. Harpaz -A. La Spada - M. Longo Adorno

Tirrenia Stampatori // 15 December 2006

Italian Title: “Contro i muri dell’ignoranza: Riflessioni su Israele, riflessioni da Israele”. The book currently utilised in the course of Geopolitics of the Middle East held at the University of Turin.

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