We transform intermittent renewable energy sources into stand-alone primary generation systems.

We select and integrate the optimal battery technologies to manage intermittency.
We ensure, via our unique hydrogen and oxygen storage platform, long term autonomy for cloudy, windless days, displacing polluting and expensive diesel generation.


Start of Technology Incubation and R&D


New management,
technology go to market


Kick-off: addressing technology
to energy storage


listing in the regulated market
Euronext in Paris (EPS:PA)


Sales Growth in 2016

47 MWh

Energy Storage

400 MW

of actual production capacity

86 people

and human resources

125 patents

and applications

21 countries

in which we installed systems

652 systems

in small-scale installations

36 projects

large scale and microgrids

18 MW

of Grid-Support systems deployed to grid operations

166,500 users

connected and powered everyday by our microgrids

35 MW

microgrids served, commissioned or under commissioning

2 Polytechniques

with which we partner:
Milan and Turin

Internationally certified


World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer
Products certified in USA, Canada, EU and China

Our Mission

We unlock the energy transition, mastering the intermittency of renewable energy sources. We advocate competitive and technology-neutral energy and emission markets.

Through the seamless integration of the best battery technologies, and our hydrogen and oxygen platform for long autonomy, we enable renewable energies to power society: reliably, affordably and sustainably.

2015 listed on the regulated market,
NYSE Euronext to start global commercialization

“The choice of the regulated market has been a logical step to pursue Our Values: seeking innovation and sustainability of the energy transition are our main values. It is expressed in three cornerstones: reliability for our partners, proactivity for our customers, and excellence in any solution deployed. This means building value over time through continuing innovation, transparency and people development.”

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO

“Our experience in hydrogen and fuel cells has played a pivotal role when we started developing the first vertically integrated battery in 2010. In 2012 we launched a first pre-commercialization with limited resources, but we continued to invest in R&D to industrialize the grid-scale application for energy storage. Once achieved in 2014, we discovered to have created the storage technology of the future. With the lowest cost of the market and clean.”

Emiliano Novo, Chief Technology Officer