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EPS: top management buys 160,000 shares

Paris-Milan, 27 December 2016 – Electro Power Systems SA (“EPS“, the “Group“, EPS: PA) a technology pioneer in clean-energy storage solutions, announces that top management has purchased a total of 160,000 shares of EPS, divided as follows: 110,000 shares to Massimo Preltz Oltramonti (Chairman of the Board of Directors), 30,000 shares to Paolo Bonetti (Chief Financial Officer), 10,000 shares to Andrea Rossi (Chief Business Officer) and 10,000 to Michela Costa (Executive Vice President of Operations).

These transactions, completed during the month of December on the over-the-counter market, have already been notified in compliance with the applicable regulation.

The purchase of shares by the top management demonstrates trust towards the Group’s fundamentals.

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