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EPS expands its Technology to the Australian and New Zealand Market

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EPS are offering proven hydrogen fuel cell technologies to Australian and New Zealand industrial markets through its new authorised distribution and installation agent, Century Yuasa.
Electro Power Systems SpA (EPS), a leading company in hydrogen fuel cell based energy storage solutions has recognised Century Yuasa as their authorised distributor and installer.
Century Yuasa is ideally set-up to support EPS’s pioneering ElectroSelfTM energy storage systems for the Australian and New Zealand markets, with its proven ability of design, integration and technical field service for a wide range of uninterruptible power technologies.
EPS with Century Yuasa are currently in the process of deploying two ElectroSelfTM energy storage systems. The ElectroSelfTM technology was selected for its ability to provide zero emission power in mission critical applications.
Back-up power systems that offer a reduced or no carbon emissions are gaining interest with an increasing number of industrial customers in the region” said Matt Houghton, Marketing Manager of Century Yuasa’s Industrial Power Division, reinforcing the key principle of ElectroSelfTM, delivering clean energy when it is needed.

About Century Yuasa

Century Yuasa is a key supplier of stored energy systems for a variety of industries in Australia and New Zealand, including automotive, materials handling and industrial applications. Century Yuasa’s industrial division is a leading supplier of DC uninterruptible power systems for mission critical assets. Incorporating expertise in design, assembly, testing, field technical services and project management – Century Yuasa is able to provide a complete package for telecommunication carrier, electricity transmission and distribution, rail, mining and other heavy industries. Offering high quality products, the focus on the business is to provide the lowest possible ‘life cycle’ cost and while delivering the highest possible reliability. As part of their product ranges these include:

  • Yuasa valve regulates lead acid industrial batteries.
  • Enersun remote power systems, which includes EPS fuel cells.
  • Intelepower mains powered uninterruptible power system with remote monitoring; and
  • GS Yuasa industrial lithium ion rechargeable batteries.