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Electro Power Systems is awarded the first prize at the Venture4 Innovation

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Among 35 start up companies, selected on the basis of their innovation and great market potential, on May 22 Electro Power Systems was awarded the coveted Trophy of Jean Michel Lamure during the Venture 4i Forum in Grenoble.
This event is a highly successful annual convention for European investors and innovators. It is organized by the City of Grenoble and approved by the European Community, and is fully invested in the policy of supporting innovative job creation.
The Forum 4i (Innovation, Industry, Investment, International) is structured on the three major areas of Technology Showcase, Round Table and Venture 4i and each year it represents the opportunity for all selected startups to present their innovations in all fields (ICT, Cleantech, Life Science) related to the main theme.
This year The Forum was organized around the theme of “the Silver Economy”. This economy opens up prospects for the development of an economic sector centered around the autonomy of older people. This rapidly growing sector puts the emphasis on new technologies, creating a real challenge for companies that will need to develop goods and services in areas as diverse as health, design, robotic home automation, housing, transport, leisure, and so on.

«Venture4i was an excellent opportunity to present to a cross section of ICT, Cleantech and Life Science investor community and to network with fellow businesses, many of whom are making impressive and game-changing contributions to the industry» – said Carlalberto Guglielminotti CEO of EPS – «Certainly Venture4i is one of the most important events in Europe which actively promotes and supports innovation in all its aspects, but most importantly offers the chance of learning through each others experience. It is an excellent showcase of different kind of innovations which provides a great opportunity to explore how these could be integrated in future to provide whole system solutions. Taking part at this year’s edition and winning the Trophée 4i Jean-Michele Lamure has been a great honor».