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Electro Power Systems chooses France

Paris, 26th January 2015 – Electro Power Systems (EPS), the forerunner in smart hydrogen-based systems for energy storage, announces it has established its headquarters in France.

Electro Power Systems’ CEO, Carlalberto Guglielminotti, declared: “France is leading the Energy Transition in Europe and globally. Its environment for innovative energy companies is very dynamic, especially for a growing energy company specialised in hydrogen storage technologies, our core expertise. Moving EPS’ headquarters to France is a logical milestone in EPS’ development.
France will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2015 and gather Europe’s major actors in the Energy Transition. It is our ambition to participate in these critical changes that will transform the use of renewable energy sources and smart grids. EPS’ solutions are at the forefront of the challenges of clean energy storage, and best positioned to unlock the potential of the Energy Transition. For all these reasons we are very happy to establish our headquarters in France and we look forward to developing our business and partnerships in France and elsewhere in Europe”.

A successful path to growth
Electro Power Systems, originally headquartered in Turin, was founded in Italy in 2005 and incubated by the Politecnico di Torino University. Since 2007, EPS has developed hydrogen based power systems to provide backup power solutions, mission critical applications and, generally, to compensate for primary power outages. In 2012, the Group presented ElectroSelfTM, an innovative battery technology that vertically integrates the hydrogen power system, the energy management and the on-site generation of hydrogen and oxygen. This new hydrogen battery, entirely internally developed and manufactured, integrates a high pressure electrolyser through smart electronics into a patented open architecture.

ElectroSelf™, thanks to its unique self-recharging, modular and close-loop technology, is the first commercial power-to-powerenergy storage application to be based on hydrogen and vertically integrated. This technology allows any end-user to finally go off-grid and, thanks to its open architecture, can also be easily coupled with other battery-based technologies to increase their storage capacity and reduce the overall plant cost and footprint: this is HyESS, a Hybrid Energy Storage System. The Group will pursue with ElectroSelfTM and HyESS its future development and growth, including off-grid distributed generation and grid-scale energy storage systems and, in particular, integration with renewable sources and smart grids.


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About Electro Power Systems
Electro Power Systems (EPS) is a forerunner in smart hydrogen-based systems for energy storage. EPS offers the market’s most accessible and cleanest solutions through its self-recharging technology vertically integrated into an open architecture. The solutions developed by EPS are coupled to the traditional ICT and electric grid and enable intelligent, scalable and sustainable distributed generation and energy management. EPS’ systems storage capacity (10kWh up to 100 MWh) is an answer to the Energy Transition ranging from the auxiliary power supply (backup for telecom towers and data centers) to solutions for supporting the electricity grid for transmission and distribution (smart grids and renewables’ integration) and finally to leverage a distrusted generation model with a full off-grid infrastructure.

Founded in 2005, Electro Power Systems has facilities in Moncalieri (Turin) and Aosta in Italy and, together with BNC Corp., in Brighton, Michigan (USA). In the last three years, the Group was named “World Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum in 2012; added to the 100 Cleantech Global list by the Cleantech Group in 2012; selected for the 2014 Cleantech Forum in San Francisco and highlighted as a growing success story at the Cleantech Forum in Rotterdam.

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