Smart distributed storage

We compress energy bills, by peak-shaving the consumption profile of commercial and industrial users,
optimizing the utilization of distributed generation, enabling participation in demand response schemes,
and delivering sustainable back-up power

Our capacity technology

Like a diesel generator with a lower generation cost. Fuelled by water. But more efficient

3MW Hydrogen systems

power output utilized in aggregate

125 CleanTech patents

and applications in 48 countries, unique generator running with water only

617 systems installed

devoted mainly to mission critical applications and telcos

We addressed all constraints
in the backup sector

A clean battery

Generating H2 and O2 on site acting like a battery, but fully clean

Cost effective

Competitive cost for the client compared to alternative solutions when load is >10kW

Smaller footprint

Each module:
Up to 10kW power and 120kWh storage in less than 1M2

Remote control

100% control of the system in remote:
a new necessity for mission critical applications

Generate profits

From a cost center to a profit center thanks to grid support services that can be provided at the same time